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Manhattan neurosurgeon Eric Braverman, recently convicted of attempting to steal court documents tied to his divorce, faces new charges after police arrested him for sexual abuse. According to sources, Dr. Braverman brought a woman to his luxury apartment in the Tribeca area on January 4, 2015, and sexually assaulted her. Authorities could not explain why it was more than a year later before Braverman was arrested.

Braverman has been in and out of the news over the last four years, a party to a highly contentious divorce and custody battle, with millions of dollars apparently at stake. In December, 2015, he was convicted of attempted larceny for trying to steal court-ordered psychiatric reports that concluded that he was unfit to have any visitation with his children. According to witnesses, Braverman was specifically instructed by a judge in his divorce proceedings not to remove the documents from the courtroom, but was caught handing them to an assistant, so that she could put them in her purse.

Court clerk Kathy Quammie told the court that she saw Braverman hand the documents to an attorney and took them back. Braverman then offered to pay her cash if she would let him keep the documents. Braverman and his attorney were arrested and cuffed when they returned to the courtroom for a subsequent hearing, charged with tampering with public records and criminal contempt for disobeying the judge’s order.

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