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"I know you are tackling very private and sensitive issues. I will be at your side during every step of the legal process."
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Client Satisfaction

“Chris and his staff were very professional, knowledgeable and always responded promptly. They were very understanding of my personal situation and were flexible and accommodating when needed. I would recommend this firm and would use them again in the future if the need presented itself.”

Scotty M.

“Filed for divorce using Palermo Law and everything went smooth was well informed. I highly recommend Chris, Riley and Bea. Not only the staff is friendly, but also very professional. If you are in need of a Divorce attorney this is the firm to hire!”

Joseph R

“Young mothers needing a divorce – this is your best choice.”

Marilyn G

“They were extremely knowledgeable and truly cared for their clients during such an important time in their life. They made sure I was okay with everything at every step and had no problem answering questions I had throughout the whole process. Also anytime I would call or email I would get a response within 24 hours. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.”

Nick D.

“After getting a bad divorce deal with my original divorce lawyer Chris was able to help broker a more equitable deal for me. Chris always got back to me within hours be it email or call. His negotiating skills are top notch. He made u feel like he was your best friend and helped with tough decision. My only regret is not going to him sooner.”

Kieth Z.

“I had the pleasure of working with Riley Perry , for my uncontested divorce. She made the entire process very easy and extremely fast. Within seven days of meeting with her, she wrote and the divorce papers and they were signed by my soon to be ex wife and I. I would highly recommend this firm to all friends or family in need.”

Matthew R.

I was in need of a divorce pretty quickly and after trying to file on my own and consistently running into walls I decided to hire a lawyer. I found Christopher Palermo and I’m so glad I did! He and his team were great and were able to get my divorce granted and finalized in perfect timing! Beatriz responded so quickly to any of my questions and concerns throughout the process! I am so grateful to have had this Christopher Palermo and his team on my side throughout this process. I would highly recommend Christopher Palermo to anyone in need of a divorce attorney!

Brett Cooper

I have to say that Chris Palermo and his team are excellent! From the moment I had my initial consultation, I knew he was the right attorney for my divorce. He is honest, knows the law and gave me really good advice on whether I should litigate or settle. He did not make the decision for me, but gave me the knowledge so that I could proceed with a settlement. I would highly recommend him and his very professional group!

David Kravitz

I had the pleasure to have Chris Palermo on my side representing me when I was going through my divorce. He was extremely attentive and responsive throughout the whole process. He had guided me through this difficult time in my life. On the days that I felt that I was loosing steam he was right there pushing me forward. The divorce process can be a grueling experience. Entering this difficult time all I wished for was to end this legal process as quickly as possible and for it to be carried out by experienced professional and caring lawyer. Chris and his staff members have guided me expertly through my divorce and made the process as smooth as I could wish for.

Mohamed Sayed

With so many law firms out there, so glad I gave Chris and Beatriz a call. I was stressed regarding my dilemma and they took the time to answer all my legal questions and concerns. The law firm was professional and knowledgeable. Thanks Chris and Beatriz!!!

Jen Phan

“Christopher Palermo is a great lawyer by far and always got me results! Staff is wonderful! Great communication. I highly recommend this law firm.”

Danielle Rivellese

“I highly recommend Christopher Palermo. I’ve had the pleasure of using him for my divorce as well as my child support case. He has your back all the way & fights hard for you. The girls in his office were very attentive & helpful. If they weren’t available for any reason & I had to leave a message, someone would always get back to me in a timely manner. If I needed advice after my cases won & were closed he still gave me his time & attention of his opinion & the best advice he had for me.”

Nora Antonucci

“Very professional, and patient. The staff is very enthusiastic. It is great that the staff speaks Spanish. Excellent attorney and very helpful especially in times when life feels like riding a rollercoaster. Thank you Chris, Bea and Riley!!!”

Jamie Hile

“I was referred to Christopher Palermo, to handle my divorce & custody case, by a friend. Chris and the office have been absolutely amazing, and were able to make my case go as smoothly as possible (as smooth as a divorce would be). When your children are at stake it counts to have the best in your corner, and Chris has done nothing but give us the best! Him and his staff are very attentive, responsive and wholeheartedly understand how difficult the situations can be. He has never steered me wrong with any of the advice hes provided! I HIGHLY recommend the office of Palermo, Tuohy & Bruno for any of your legal matters!”

Melissa O.

“Christopher N. Palermo, Esq., as a mediator, guided me through a very difficult process. Any questions or concerns were always addressed promptly and answered to my satisfaction. The reasonable fees and payments allowed me to use his services, which relieved a tremendous amount of anxiety. His professionalism and knowledge helped turn an extremely taxing situation into an amicable one, while successfully maintaining the best interests of both parties. From my experience, I highly recommended Christopher Palermo to a couple of friends who were also going through a divorce, I’m happy to say they were as pleased as I was with the final result.”

John H.

“A few years ago, I went through an extremely difficult divorce, which included young children and multiple assets. The divorce had the earmarks of a messy and difficult situation.

Through a referral, I schedule a consultation with Chris Palermo. After my first consultation, I knew Chris would the Attorney to represent me.

His knowledge, calm demeanor, attention to detail and availability made what could have been an extremely painful situation into smooth transition. I have found Chris Palermo to be trusted, knowledgeable attorney and someone whom I have recommended to others.”

M. Kelly

“From the bottom of my heart I will be forever grateful for the services Chris Palermo provided for me. Chris is both professional and approachable. His knowledge and expertise in family law showed itself to me from my initial consultation. Chris was available to me at a moments notice. Whenever I had a question Chris got back to me immediately with an answer. I always felt like Chris made me his priority. Chris has a way of making someone feel at ease and confident that everything will be ok. Chris has made one of most difficult times in my life a little less painful. Having Chris Palermo represent me was the wisest decision I could have made. Thanks to Chris, I have sole custody of my daughter and peace of mind.”

Kristine Nelson

“I was referred to Chris Palermo by a store clerk who overheard me asking for a good family law attorney. It happened to be the best advice I have ever taken from a complete stranger. From the first phone call to the completion of my child support nightmare, Chris and his staff were always on top of everything, and there for any questions I may have had. I got every penny of the money that was due to me and my boys from a deadbeat Dad. I cannot recommend Chris enough!! In fact ,he is currently helping me on another family matter , which is going better than I could have expected. He is the best family law attorney out there.”

Anthony C.

“Being served with divorce papers the day before my birthday, I was bewildered and upset. I had no idea what to do or who to turn to. I had several free consultations with the “typical” divorce lawyers and wasn’t comfortable with anything they had to say. A friend took me in to see Chris Palermo. Upon our first meeting I was sure Chris was the person who could help me navigate this difficult process. He is always there with great advice and has helped me get through this with as little time and cost to myself and my family as is possible. I would,and do recommend him to anyone in need of the best divorce attorney out there.”


“I contacted Chris Palermo when it was realized that divorce was imminent. Upon my first meeting with Chris, I was pleasantly surprised by his “bedside manner”. Chris was very thoughtful in his approach as he understood the emotional toll that it was taking on me at the time. I also appreciated how knowledgeable Chris was on the entire process and how he took time to explain the different options to me in layman’s terms. Unlike the attorney that i had consulted with previously, Chris understood the “people aspect” of my situation and made sure that the final agreement was fair to all parties instead of taking hardline stances that can turn divorces uglier than they have to be. Thank You Chris!”

William Zappa

“I went through a particularly long and drawn out custody battle that took many unusual twists and turns. I walked in with almost every card initially stacked against me because I signed a very bad divorce agreement.

Like many, it was ugly at times and of course, it was emotionally and mentally draining.

Christopher Palermo was there for me not only legally, ensuring that my case was handled in the fairest and most diligently way possible, but he also made sure that emotionally, my needs, as well as my family’s needs were met.

What was especially beneficial for us was the fact that his billing practices were EXTREMELY considerate and in spite of my wanting to be aggressive on several occasions, Chris urged me to remain calm and settle or negotiate on many things in order to keep things affordable for myself, when many attorneys would have capitalized on the opportunity to line their pockets.

I recommended Chris several times throughout the years I worked with him and I would certainly never hesitate to send a friend or loved one his way again.

I always felt as though I had a trusted protector with me when I arrived in court with him by my side. In my opinion, Chris Palermo is the very rare individual who will not only fight hard for what you need, and is well-versed in the areas of law he practices as well, but he will not take advantage of you.

I came out extremely victorious when I felt all hope was lost, and I can’t thank Chris for being the consummate gentleman in and out of the courtroom as well as a good friend and shoulder to lean on for my family and I.

Thank you!”