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There is almost an app for everything these days, and apps for co-parenting can help you juggle the lifestyle changes during separation or after divorce. They can make co-parenting easier for both you and your ex.

Various apps are available for co-parenting. Here are a few to consider:

2Houses has a calendar you can share to help you keep track of daily activities. The expense section of the app helps you see how money is being spent on your child, and it also keeps a record of the balance. The journal section is a family social network where you can share pictures, write entries, relate things your children said, or share conversations you’ve had with your child’s teachers, doctor, etc. When your child is away, you can still participate in your child’s life through shared communication.

Kidganizer functions is similar to 2houses in that it has a calendar section (with alert reminders), an expenses area and a section where you can share information.

Custody connection allows you to create a custody calendar and share it with your child’s other parent. You can connect and synchronize with the other parent, and there’s no need to send texts or make phone calls because you can easily communicate and request any necessary changes by using the app.

Parenting Apart offers counseling ideas for separated and divorced couples to deal with various situations that often arise during co-parenting. Examples include: what to expect emotionally with your child, what to look for at during different ages and stages, etc.

Do You Have Questions about Divorce? Consult with a Divorce Lawyer.

If you’re contemplating divorce or need legal advice, it’s wise to consult with a divorce lawyer. Divorce Attorney Chris Palermo offers compassionate legal assistance and can help you navigate a variety of issues couples often face during divorce.