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Five things everyone should do in preparation of filing for divorce in New York State

1. Become a private person

In this age of constant and ever changing social media, it is important to manage and control your Internet profile. Take down any private or embarrassing information. An important rule of thumb would be if you would not want a Judge or a prospective employer to read it, take it down.

2. Run your credit report

If you are considering commencing a divorce action it is important to fully understand your financial situation. Understanding what debts and other liabilities are contained within your credit report is an important consideration, and should be taken immediately.

3. Gather as much financial information as possible

Maybe your spouse always pays the bills and your literally know nothing about your families finances. Obviously, this will be a significant disadvantage. Therefore, all parties contemplating divorce should immediately begin gathering as much pertinent financial information as they can get their hands on. Things such as bank account statements, tax returns, business records, retirement account statements and credit card statements, should be gathered. It might be prudent to photocopy these documents and store them outside of the marital residence.

4. Let kids be kids

Do not under any circumstances involve the children in the marital issues you are experiencing. Do not involve the children with boyfriends or girlfriends.

5. Seek out Representation

Find competent counsel that has experience handling your type of case in your area. Choose an Attorney you feel comfortable with that takes the time to understand the significant changes you are currently involved in.