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Chris Palermo Will Continue to Operate during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Unfortunately, we are all being affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus-COVID-19 virus. There is new information every day and our daily routines are ever changing. At Palermo Law, we want to let you know that our office is up and running and that we have planned for contingencies if need be.

Office Hours

Our office hours are remaining the same for the time being. We are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We are also available after hours and on weekends in case of emergencies. However, in an attempt to adhere to social distancing we are making some changes to our normal practices. First, most appointments can be scheduled and held via telephone and/or Facetime.  However, there are instances where it is necessary to meet in person. We ask that you call to schedule an in person appointment rather then walking in as some of our staff will be working remotely over the next few weeks.  As you may be aware, the Governor issued an order prohibiting more then 25% of a business’s employees to be present at the same time. We are adhering to that order and have our staff rotating from in office to remote work schedules.

Further, should Federal, State or local authorities require us to close our offices, we do have a contingency plan. Our staff has the capabilities to work remotely. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will continue to work on your case and will be available by phone for any questions during regular business hours. We will also remain available after hours and on weekends in case of emergencies.

Court Dates and Trials

Second, all State Supreme Court Matters have been administratively adjourned until at least April. This includes all divorce matters.  Should you have an upcoming trial or court date you can expect that to be adjourned accordingly. We will of course send you a notification of the exact date that your matter has been adjourned to.

Mediations and Arbitrations

As of now, all mediations are scheduled to proceed. This is of course subject to change. Also, most mediation facilities have the capacity to hold video mediations. Therefore, it is possible that your mediation could be done remotely as well. Please call us twenty four hours prior to your appointment to confirm.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly, stay home if you are sick a please be mindful of the sick and elderly.