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Co-Parenting with Modern Technology

Life goes on after divorce and this includes co-parenting. You’ll be glad to know that digital communication has made many aspects of co-parenting easier. Aside from skyping or sending text messages and emails as ways to stay in touch with your kids, there are also apps available that can help you plan and manage your schedules together.

One co-parenting application to consider is which helps you in various ways:

  •  Organizing schedules. Both separated parents share a calendar through an interface. They can post events and activities on the calendar and use color-coding to make certain activities stand out. Vacation and holiday schedules are readily available to share with all family members, including Grandma or Grandpa.
  •  Planning for and managing expenses. You can use graphs and pie tables that show shared and individual expenses. You can see when finances are going for healthcare, gifts for the children, clothes, shoes, alimony, child support and other expenses. This feature also makes it handy to notice dates when payments need to be made.
  •  Setting up a journal for sharing information. What sort of things would you like to share? News, photos, videos, pictures drawn by your children, parent-teacher conversations, medical reports are a few examples of information you can share.
  •  Creating photo albums. You can even set up a photo album that enables you to share or download photos in a secure environment.
  •  General information. Input the names of doctors, contact info of the parents of your children’s friends, coaches, kid’s clothing sizes, Social Security numbers, blood types, allergies, vaccination and booster dates, insurance information, etc.

Suffolk County Divorce Attorney Chris Palermo works closely with you to help your divorce go as smoothly as possible. However, he also takes great satisfaction in seeing family members get along and manage their lives well after divorce.