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Celebrities and Prenups

Johnny Depp’s claimed net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth is $350 million but actual worth may be closer to $400 million. After two years of marriage, his wife Amber Heard filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court last week. They married without a prenuptial agreement, and she requested spousal support but Depp denied the demand International Business Times reports.

Depp was paid $61.1 million for his role in Alice Through the Looking Glass and averages a yearly income of $41.1 million.

Prior to marrying Amber Heard, Depp had been with French model Vanessa Paradis for 14 years. They never married, but had two children together. When their relationship ended, according to, the spit was amicable. He was worth $300 million at that time, and in a settlement, he awarded $150 million to Vanessa.

How does a celebrity worth millions marry without a prenup?

Romance is blissful and when you fall in love, the idea of breakup is not real. Perhaps the idea of ever splitting up is too painful to entertain. Yet, in today’s society and especially among celebrities, marriage often does not last.

Johnny Depp’s previous relationship did not require a prenuptial agreement, and he willingly gave half his wealth to his partner.

Because California is a community property state, a spouse is legally entitled to half of the community property. Yet the recent breakup does not appear to be so amicable. The divorce began with Amber Heard filing for a restraining order for alleged domestic abuse. At this point, the characteristics of this breakup are more like a battle, in contrast to the much longer partnership that ended with such grace.

If you have considerable wealth, for practical reasons, consider consulting with an attorney about creating a prenuptial agreement.

Suffolk County divorce attorney Chris Palermo can discuss prenuptial agreements with you and the benefits of creating one prior to marriage.