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Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Dedicated Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County Divorce Mediation LawyerMany couples opt to avoid bitter courtroom battles in divorces, and understandably so. Exposing private matters in public, putting children through legal battles, and enduring prolonged conflicts all make alternatives to litigation more attractive. Chris Palermo isn’t just an attorney; he’s also a qualified Suffolk County divorce mediation lawyer. Having a mediator who’s also a lawyer brings a legal viewpoint to mediation, crucial for making informed choices. Nowadays, with more cases settling outside court—reportedly 95 percent, according to Forbes—mediation is increasingly favored for resolving disputes.


I respect your choice to seek a divorce and am dedicated to making the process as seamless as I can for you. My goal is to offer you informed legal guidance and help pinpoint common ground so you can make wise decisions. The decisions you make during mediation carry weight and have lasting effects, so it’s vital they’re the best ones for your future.

Regarding Divorce Mediation

What Does Divorce Mediation Entail?
Mediation provides a more relaxed alternative to arbitration or litigation, steering clear of rigid court protocols and offering greater freedom in scheduling sessions without the confines of packed court schedules.

A mediator acts as an impartial third party committed to promoting open dialogue between partners. By pinpointing areas of agreement and possible compromises, the mediator helps the couple address hurdles and settle disagreements. Mediation occurs in a cooperative setting, allowing partners to voice their thoughts freely. Usually held in a conference room or office, mediation sessions might involve joint meetings with both partners, individual discussions, or a mix of both.

Benefits After Divorce

After divorce, life goes on, and those who choose mediation often discover they’re emotionally better prepared to discuss matters related to children and finances. When parents cooperate, children typically experience less stress. According to the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), adherence to child support agreements reaches 80 percent after mediation, compared to 40 percent after a litigated divorce.

Opting for mediation can save couples thousands of dollars and drastically expedite the divorce process, often concluding in a quarter of the time it takes through litigation. The savings in time and money ease the transition into their new roles as single parents.

Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

What Makes Palermo Law Stand Out?

Chris Palermo excels in all aspects of divorce and family law in Suffolk County, particularly in child custody matters. While divorce can be tough, it doesn’t have to be confrontational. Chris consistently aims to work with opposing lawyers to settle disagreements amicably, ensuring the best outcomes for his clients efficiently. With extensive experience as a litigator in divorce cases, he’s fully prepared to go to trial when needed, vigorously representing his clients’ interests. Chris has a strong track record handling various divorce and family law cases, including mediation. Beyond advocating, he prioritizes listening to his clients’ concerns and offering informed guidance to help them navigate the challenging transitions their families are going through.

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Chris Palermo assists a wide range of clients in legal matters concerning marriage and family, aiming to achieve the best possible results for each individual. In pursuit of this goal, either Mr. Palermo or his partner, Riley Perry, personally guides every client through every step of their case, from mediation to any required litigation. Throughout the representation, the following commitments are made:

  • The initial consultation is always free.
  • You will stay well-informed about every aspect of your case, including progress in child custody discussions and mediation sessions.
  • All calls and emails will receive a response within 24 hours.

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