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Apps for Co-Parenting that Can Help Make Life Easier

Here are a list of extremely useful apps for co-parenting that can help you juggle lifestyle changes following a divorce.

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7 Mistakes To Avoid After A Divorce

Divorce can make people extremely emotional, and in emotionally turbulent times we may make mistakes. Here at 7 mistakes to avoid following a divorce.

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3 Hard-To-Bear Truths Of Divorce & How To Overcome Them

Divorce can be an physically taxing, financially tolling, emotional rollercoaster. Overcoming the hardships that come with divorce isn’t impossible, though.

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Handling Your Teen’s Car Insurance When Divorced

Figuring out whose policy your teenage driver should be covered under following a divorce can be tricky. We’ll help clear up the confusion.

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How To Help Your Child Cope With Divorce Depending On Age

It can be difficult for children to deal with divorce, even throughout the several stages of development. Here are some great tips on how to help.

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Starting Over Financially Following A Divorce

A divorce can be a trial in and of itself. Finding independent financial security after can be hard. Here are a few tips on finding financial stability.

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What Should You Know If You Are Divorcing a Narcissist?

Divorcing someone who has extremely narcissistic tendencies, or possibly narcissistic personality disorder, can be extremely emotionally taxing. Here’s why.

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A United Airlines Pilot’s Unfortunate Shared Divorce Meltdown

Divorce is emotionally traumatic for many people, and this can be true even if you are the one initiating the divorce.

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Journaling After A Divorce – Good, Or Bad?

A study points out how journaling can either be good or bad, psychologically and physiologically, for those who have recently undergone a divorce.

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Gray Divorce: Reasons Why Couples Divorce Later in Life

It may come as a surprise, but gray divorce, which describes divorcing couples over the age of 50, constitutes 25% of today’s divorces. In fact, today people who are 50 and older are twice as likely to divorce than they were in 1990. This research information comes from the National Center for Family and Marriage […]

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